XML, the Perl Way

The Perl Geek Code

So here is the (soon-to-be-)famous(?) Perl Geek Code

At the moment everything is under construction, so please don't use it seriously yet!

It is largely inspired by the original Geek Code but of course it is way more Perl-centric.

Also in order to be buzzword compliant (and because I am X+++$) the code is based on an XML description.

You can look at the presentation of the PGC given at TPC 5.0

The Perl Geek Code includes:

If you want to look under the hood a bunch of (Perl!) scripts are used:

All those files are conveniently available as pgc-0.01.tar.gz, see the README file for intallation instructions

You need XML::Twig version 2.02.17 or above to run the Perl scripts.

This is version 0.01, you can send comments and suggestions at pgc@xmltwig.com