XML, the Perl Way

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Table of contents

Growing Twigs


What is XML::Twig

A Perl Module

Processing XML

XML Processing Models

XML Tree Model

XML::Twig Processing Model

Other XML::Twig Features

Other Perl Modules


Using XML::Twig

Installing XML::Twig

Installing Perl Modules


The Most Important Slide

Examples Introduction

Data-Oriented XML



XML is Everywhere

XML for Configuration Files

XML Configuration File

YAML Configuration File

Converting XML to YAML

XML for Data

Data Bases!

It's just like text files

Exporting data to XML


Using Data-oriented XML

XML Example: Plant Catalog

Example 1: Storing the Data in a DB

Example 1 Code

Example 2: Convert Currency

Example 2 Code

Example 2 Code (cont.)

Example 3: Update the Data

Example 3: Update File

Example 3 Code

Example 3 Code (cont.)

Document-oriented XML

Processing Document-oriented XML

Document Example

HTML Generation Code

HTML Generation Code (cont.)

Behind the Scenes

Why did I write XML::Twig

Why is XML::Twig Open-Source

Development Process

ToDo List



Author: mirod

E-mail: mirod@xmltwig.com

Homepage: http://xmltwig.com/

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