XML, the Perl Way

XML::Twig Examples on PerlMonks

One of my favourite Perl community is PerlMonks. Here are posts I made that include the string use XML::Twig;, I suspect they might contain examples of using the module ;--)

2005-03-15 Re: Outputting a hash as XML
2005-03-14 Re: Best Way to parse this XML?
2005-02-12 Re: XHTML with XML::Twig - tree manipulation problem
2005-02-10 xml_merge
2005-02-10 xml_split - split huge XML documents into smaller chunks
2005-01-27 Re: MathML 2 ascii?
2004-11-13 Re^3: XML and DTD and Twig...
2004-09-29 Re: problem using XML Twig
2004-08-18 Re: XML::Parser::Expat Question
2004-08-05 Re: Using XML modules to remove XML elements
2004-06-01 mirod's scratchpad
2004-05-06 Re: XML::Twig tag conversion
2004-04-12 Re: Re: Re: Text to XML
2004-04-12 Re: Text to XML
2004-02-26 Re: Regex et XML
2004-02-20 Re: Building XML Index File
2004-01-23 Re: Getting into a SAX frame of mind
2003-10-15 Re: XML:Twig -- changing in-mem process to stream
2003-10-03 Re: (TIMTOWTDI / Golf / Obfu) Airplanes in class
2003-07-10 Re: retrieving attribute text with xml::twig
2003-05-11 Re: (jeffa) Re: Why doens't non-greediness work?
2003-05-06 OO Perl: subclassing a class through an other one
2003-03-18 Re: Practical suggestion for accessing configuration data stored in XML format
2003-03-05 Re: Edit values in XML and Save?
2003-01-28 xml_spellcheck
2003-01-22 Re: Another simple XML Twig question
2003-01-21 Re: Re: Re: Re: XML Twig parse
2002-12-30 Re: XML to XML
2002-12-12 Re: Problems with string concatenation and encodings
2002-12-03 Re: Removing duplicate subtrees from XML
2002-12-02 Re: On making bug reports (For both perl and non-perl software)
2002-12-02 Re: tgrep - A grep for XML/HTML tags
2002-11-18 Re: Parsing XML???
2002-10-23 Re: XML::Simple parsing
2002-10-23 Re: XML::parser question
2002-09-26 Re: XML::Parser start handler
2002-06-11 xml_pp : YAXPP (Yet Another XML Pretty Printer)
2002-06-11 Re: Re: Re: XML Search and Replace
2002-06-11 Re: XML Search and Replace
2002-05-30 Re: Re: Re: XML::XPath and preserving CDATA fields
2002-03-14 Re: XML Parser
2002-02-12 Re: parsing XMLish data
2002-01-31 Re: XML::Twig -- sorting by attribute
2001-11-20 Re: Building an XML File from text
2001-11-08 Re: XML::Twig - literal nodes
2001-11-06 Re: XML::Twig error reporting
2001-11-05 Re: XML::Twig approach/architecture/design question
2001-08-23 Re: Regex for XML attributes...
2001-08-16 Re: Re: Re: XML::Twig recursive constructor calls and local()
2001-08-16 Re: XML::Simple chatterbox dumper
2001-08-03 Re: looping over xml
2001-07-20 Re: Linking words in html to glossary.
2001-06-24 Re: Validation of Data in Module
2001-06-21 Re: Parsing XML into a simple hash
2001-06-08 Re: XML and entities, what am I doing wrong?
2001-05-24 Re: Re: XML::Twig - can't find my uncle!
2001-05-22 Re: XML Manipulation
2001-05-11 Re: inserting text into an XML tree
2001-03-13 Re: Expat
2000-09-15 RE: More tasty XML goodness
2000-08-30 Re: Replacing XML content